Mergers & Acquisitions

Partner with Crystal Capital to Sell, Acquire, or Plan for an Exit

If you are thinking of selling a company, acquiring one, or planning for an exit, we provide the expertise needed for a successful transaction. Every company is unique, which is why our process is customized to each engagement. Whether you’re ready to sell your business or acquire one, you will receive our complete attention and the advantage of our extensive resources – always delivered with insight, confidentiality, and integrity. We serve companies in all industries with at least $3 million in annual revenue.

  • Thinking beyond what is typical and not always just accepting market terms when tackling an issue or negotiating deal terms. We think beyond the obvious in deciding which buyers or acquisition targets to approach.
  • Confidentiality when planning and executing a transaction is critical. Without it, our client’s brand, operations, or ability to close a deal could be damaged.
  • We increase certainty to close for clients by attending to the details and thinking ahead so that issues are addressed before they arise and negatively impact the transaction.
  • Our experience has taught us that transparency is the best practice. We make certain everyone involved in an engagement knows where we are in the process, what is coming next, and what is expected of each participant.
  • Our services can be life-changing. We will never push clients to do what is easy or expedient just to get a deal done. We always advise the best course of action for our clients.