Molly Eldred


About Molly

Ms. Eldred’s skill set lies in the forging of two arenas; science and business and how to integrate two vastly different fields for sustainable outcomes, while working as a scientific strategy advisor for both start-ups and well-established companies. Molly Eldred received her degrees in Molecular Biology and graduate studies in Pharmacology. During her academic career, Molly focused on preclinical “wet lab” research, later transitioning into the clinical industry. She has worked along side some of the largest names in the Pharmaceutical research industry as a consultant and has been a sub-investigator on over 20 Phase I and II clinical research studies. She specialized in translating preclinical insights into effective human trial designs, most recently uncovering mechanisms that saved a $212M drug from early phase failure. With her tenacity and quest for answers she uses a bottom up approach to understand the science behind the concept, dissect proof-of-concept-data, tear apart patents for holes, analyze current market needs and project strategy to identify gaps. Ms. Eldred’s discipline covers the partial role of an analyst evaluating biotech’s proof for stock purchase of a publicly traded company to helping private equity firms avoid investment mistakes in challenging to understand science or technology based ventures.

Early in her career as a graduate student at The Ohio State University’s College of Medicine, Ms. Eldred autonomously researched and developed a plant-based therapeutic and subsequently founded Kur, LLC. – a Nutraceutical company aimed at developing naturally-derived, clinically-proven, and sustainable alternatives for chronic ailments. Her start-up has recently inspired a full-length feature documentary, currently in preproduction stages.